The company’s expertise is in embedded systems design (hardware and firmware), low power consumption, hardware acceleration, FPGAs, edge processing, mechatronic systems, sensing, and test automation. We can offer turn-key solutions with custom hardware designs, providing high-quality firmware using our experience in modern development methods based on TDD and safety critical systems methodologies. Our current customer portfolio includes companies in the semiconductor and space sector. The company offers solutions for hydrophones, power management for Unmanned Vehicles, motor control, and other applications.

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We can help in the following areas

  • Product development that requires hardware and software
  • Embedded systems development, including safety critical systems
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Sensing and edge processing
  • Test automation and test plans
  • Training and consulting
  • Laboratory Support

With Experience in all product lifecycle stages, cutting-edge R&D, product design, cost and functional optimization, production testing, mechanical engineering integration, and component selection, we provide a holistic approach, that doesn’t miss the forest for the tree.

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