Products And Services

System & Product Design

Creativity and innovation may be important when designing a new product. However, the recipe for success requires more skills and competencies; with many years of experience in product design and experience launching different products, we can be an invaluable asset working side by side to achieve a great outcome.

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Hardware Design

Hardware is often neglected in the era of “software”. The majority assumes that hardware exist in their development plans. While this is true when we discuss about PC or server infrastructure, this view fails short when it comes to the end connection with the physical world, where many times you need a tailored hardware solution. And if you do not have the expertise this could be a trap.

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Firmware and Software

Hardware is not pure anymore. The majority of the projects involved some intelligence which is harnessed inside the hardware. This is called firmware; an art of designing real-time software with limited hardware resources. More than 15 years in this field helped us to improve and write better more reliable firmware. Alongside many times these systems need to interact with the rest of the world. Harnessing the embedded system with test software that runs on the host computer you can exploit many test strategies; even automated.

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Products and Platforms

Developing embedded systems, have improved our processes over time. These improvements have also evolved to the hardware as well. In this section you may find out about our platforms that we plan to commercialize, so you can use the benefits we also have.

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Lab Support Services

We offer laboratory services and equipment to support any ongoing projects that need additional expertise or equipment. We also offer at premises measurement support and debug, if this is required for debugging embedded systems, help or automate RF measurements or other laboratory support. Please contact us for more information.

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Need help on creating your own embedded systems? You are new to this domain or do you want to expand your knowledge with more long-term benefits methods? We can offer you training and guidance to support your own fascinating project!